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Let Buddy Miner take you on this new and exciting journey into the world of cryptocurrencies. We created this service so that everyone, from newcomer to expert, has access to a platform customized to their needs. Buddy Miner offers a large range of crypto services, to ensure everyone has a equal oppurtunity to start using and mining cryptocurrencies.

Rig Mining means that you provide your own software, and configure everything yourself. So this method is for the experienced or more technical skilled miner. Even so, to give experienced miners the same ease of use as miners get when using our tools. Buddy Miner has provided the most easy access possible and tries When selecting this option, we will provide you with all connections details to connect your rig (or any type of hardware you like to use) to our pools. We support all popular methods of mining, including solo mining, and have reserved a port specially tuned to heavier usage.

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Bytecoin is the first of the cryptonote coins. It offers full anonimity and privacy. The currency has ondergone a great rise in popularity and value recently, especially after the binance listing recently, it started undergoing a major change in price and volume. Buddy Miner will provide you with everything you need to mine this cryptocurrency, Rig miners will be provided with a list of pool addresses and ports to get a most efficient connection to our servers and start mining. All other miners will enjoy our fully automated mining features, and will be automatically connected to this cryptocurrency.