Module Name: PwnedList - Pwned Domain Statistics Fetcher
Module path: recon/domains-credentials/pwnedlist/domain_ispwned


Name: PwnedList - Pwned Domain Statistics Fetcher
Path: modules/recon/domains-credentials/pwnedlist/
Author: Tim Tomes (@LaNMaSteR53)

Queries the PwnedList API for a domain to determine if any associated credentials have been compromised. This module does NOT return any credentials, only a total number of compromised credentials.

Name Current Value Required Description
SOURCE default yes source of input (see 'show info' for details)

Source Options:
default SELECT DISTINCT domain FROM domains WHERE domain IS NOT NULL
<string> string representing a single input
<path> path to a file containing a list of inputs
query <sql> database query returning one column of inputs

* API Query Cost: 1 query per request.